Fugu Gana Modu

Planning, Research & Statistics

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Duties and responsibilities

  • Answerable to the Deputy Clerk of the House
  • Taking charge of general administration of the department
  • Providing professional advises for Library Planning and Development Responsible for statistical development¬† planning
  • Prepares Legislative Calendar
  • Prepare annual budget estimate of the House of Assembly
  • Initiate the review of planning policies and programmes
  • Participation in Policy formulations
  • Responsible for selection, acquisition, processing, arrangement, preservation and dissemination of necessary books and other resourceful materials for the Honourable Members and the staff.
  • Keeps parliamentary papers such as Order papers, Votes and Proceedings; Hansard and Reports of Committees
  • Liaises with other legislative libraries, embarks on research work and gives professional advice on relevant matters.
  • Any other duty may be assigned by the Clerk or the Deputy Clerk